VREALIZE LOG INSIGHT with Vcloud Directory

Login to the Log Insight portal and Click the menu icon in the top-right corner of the Log Insight interface and select Content Packs. In the left pane, select Marketplace. Verify that the VMware – vCloud Director content pack is marked as installed and that VMware – vCloud Director is listed under Installed Content Packs

Start MPuTTY and connect through SSH to the vCloud Director cell ,verify that the vRealize Log Insight agent is installed in the vCloud Director cell.

” rpm -qa | grep VMware-Log “

Login to the Tenant portal with the admin user, from the top menu, select Dashboards. Under VMware – vCloud Director in the left pane. Click Workload Overview.

Create Alerts

From the top menu, select Interactive Analytics.

Click the red bell icon and select Manage Alerts.

To filter and enable related vCloud Director alerts, click the check box on the VMware – vCloud Director Content Pack and ensure that all options are enabled. Click Enable.

Enter the email address, click Enable, and verify that the alerts are enabled.