VRealize Automation V8

What is the VRA

Now you can provide a secure portal that help administrators, developers and business users to request new IT services. And to manage your cloud and it resources with following the business objectives and policies. VRA is a very smart and customizable solution that can deliver all the requirements for the infrastructure or applications in very easy and smart way on multiple platforms multiple sites, cloud or on-premises infrastructure.


  • Ease to Use
    • to provide Self-service portal.
    • Unified cloud Management.
  • Accelerate time to market
    • accelerate service delivery.
    • Dynamic Infrastructure expansion with agility.
  • Consistency and reliability
    • Enhance the process and governance to meet SLA with my users or customers.
    • Multi-tier application deployment.
  • Modern and Future-Ready
    • Kubernetes Automation.
    • DevOps for Infrastructure.
  • Security and control
    • Network Automation.
    • Consistent policies, control and compliance across a multi cloud.

VRA Portal Components

My services

  • Cloud Assembly Tab: create and deploy manchi, amp, service to multi cloud
    • Infrastructure , blueprint, marketplace
  • Service broker: management of your content (policy and template) service catalog
  • Code Stream: Continues integration and continues delivery (this mainly for developments)
  • Orchestrator to orchestrate all the required jobs to be automated.
  • VRA Migration assessment: to make migration

Deployment Component

  • VRealize Easy installer.

    Lifecycle Manager (separate VM with photon OS)

    • VMware Identity Manager (Susi linux on OS not photon os appliance) for SSO oAuth 2.0
    • VRealize Automation appliance. Photon OS , K8s, postage sql. Two setup mode(standard and clustered)
    • VRO either embedded in VRA appliance or external.