VRA 8 Snapshot for backup

If you are looking to take snapshot from the VRealize Automation Appliance you need first to prepare it for this task as you cannot take snapshot directly and the vra is running some tasks. So, you should do the below:

  1. Announce a downtime for this appliance.
  2. Shutdown all the services and create a database file to store all the data and the configuration.
  3. Create the snapshot or use the backup system.
  4. Redeploy the services and validate the services after deployment.

First You need to clean all the services. from the VRA appliance connect SSH.

after login enter  “/opt/scripts/deploy.sh –onlyClean”

This will clear all the services one by one and will create offline DB backup file. the data will not be lost but the services will not be available.

If you try to check the services will not find any service running “kubectl get pods -n prelude”

take snapshot from the VRA appliance.
After the snapshot finished you can take the snapshot for any 3rd party backup system. After finishing the backup, you need to restore the service again.

Third And finally you can redeploy the services using the same script deploy.sh


This step takes some time.

After finish successfully

Fourth After this step finished you can check all the service up  and running using the below

“kubectl get pods -n prelude”