VRA 8.0 Quick Start

Lunch the VRA 8.0 Quick Start

The Quick Start wizard this easy to configure the VRA with the minimum configuration required to provision a VM. You should with 5 Steps you will be able to use the portal with the basic configuration

Login to the VRA portalin the services Tab select the Launch QUICKSTART bottom.

First Add a vCenter server and enable datacenters for provisioning

Configure the vCenter information IP/FQDN, username and password click Validate and select the datacenter that you will allow to provision in it.

Click Create And Go To Next Step.

Second Add the NSX manager registered with your vCenter

write the NSX-T manager IP/FQDN, username and password and click Validate AND Create.

After Validate Click Create And Go To Next Step.

Third Configure the Basic Configuration

Select the datacenter that will provision the template in it. And select the Template needed. Then, select the datastore. Finally, in the Network click BROWSE.

Select the network from the NSX Network or change it to vSphere networks

Select the required network and click ADD

Fourth Apply basic governance policies

Edit the lease time for the provisioned VM “that will be deleted after this time” and the machine name policy and click the NEXT STEP

Fifth Summary

Check all the configurations previously and select the “Automatically deploy my template when Quickstart complete” “Add sample NSX-T blueprints to the catalog “.


Click Close after all finished successfully.