VCloud Directory Catalog

Log in to the tenant portal with administrator account, from the main menu select the Datacenter and select the vdc to add the catalog to it.

Under Content Libraries select Catalogs. Click New.

In Create Catalog dialog box , write the name and select the pre-provision on specific, select the storage policy and click Next.

To share the catalog that you can use it in multiple vdcs select the catalog and click on the left three dots and select Share.

In the Share box click ADD

Select Share with everyone in the organization and select the access level. Click OK.

Select Share Read-Only access to the administrators of all other organizations check box and click SAVE.

Now you can see under shared column the shared icon.

Now we need to publish the catalog, select the catalog and click on the three dots to the left and select Publish Settings.

Select Enable Publishing and enter and confirm the password for catalog access. Click Save.

After the publishing is saved, edit it again you will find a Subscription URL generated under Enable Publishing check box. You should save this URL to use it by subscriber catalogs. And to use it in another organization catalog creation

When you create a new catalog in different vdc you can use the previous subscribtion URL for the shared one previously.

Now, How to Add the VApp to the catalog

Go to the VAPPs and select the VAPP need to be added to the Catalog and select Action and choose Add to Catalog.

Select the catalog, define the name and click OK.

Create Vapp Network

Select the Vapps and click on the VAPP and select the Networks tab and click NEW.

Select the OrgVDC Network and select the network and click ADD.

You will find the network added. Next to select Details Tab.

Now we will connect the VNICs to the Networks added to the VAPP.

Select Details tab, you will find the VM without any network configurations. So, click on the VM.

Scroll down to Hardware section.

Go to NICs

Configure the options and prefer to delete the MAC Address. Don’t forget to click SAVE.

When you go back to the VM in the details tab. You will find the configuration appeared in the networks section.

Repeat it again for all the required VMs to be connected to the network.

If you go to Network Diagram tab you can see the network and the connected VMs.