How To install and configure NSX-V 6.4 – Part 2

Step by Step install NSX – Part 2

Second configure the NSX manager virtual appliance

A common issue that Sometimes the password entered in the initial wizard does not work so you should try the default password from the nsx manager console try the default username “admin” and password “default

Change the IP Configuration

After successfully  login, login to the privileged mode using “enable” with the password “default

To get the current ip configuration for the management interface for the nsx manager type “show interface mgmt” 

To start new configuration, enter to the configuration mode by “ confterminal

Enter the required interface to edit the ip which is mgmt interface by “interface mgmt

We must remove the old ip configuration by “no ip address Current_IP/Current_Subnet_prefix” ie. “no ip address

Add the new ip configuration ” ip address New_IP/New_Subnet_prefix” i.e “

After finishing this step exit the MGMT interface configuration mode by “exit

Add the default gateway by “ip route Default_gateway_IP

After that exit the configuration mode using “exit” then confirm the setting by “show interface mgmt” to show the current configuration now and to show the current routing table with the default gateway by “show ip route“.

Now we should change the default password As follow

After logging to the privileged mode you can change the password of the admin by “cli password enter_you_new_password

Change the privileged mode password as well, by “enable password enter_you_new_password

To save the configuration by “write memory

You can use either the import does not work properly or if you would like to do any changes.

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