How To install and configure NSX-V 6.4 – Part 3

Step by Step install NSX – Part 3

Customize NSX manager virtual appliance

Using the credentials configured previously to login to the main page for the nsx manager full qualified domain name <http://nsxm.d.local>

You will find the below tabs

From View Summary, You can find the NSX manager services and the common components (vProstgres, RabbitMQ), also the HW configuration and the basic summary for the NSX manager Virtual Appliance.

Select the Manage Tab and select the General if you want to configure The NTP server or the syslog server.

In Backup & Restore , select FTP Server Setting and click Change

configure all the required setting and click OK

Select FTP Scheduling and click Change, Define the schedule times and click Schedule

 To check the schedule backup from the main page and we can select manual backup from the Backup icon

Configure the VCenter Integration with the NSX Manager

Select NSX Management Service

Click Edit in Lookup Service URL, configure the Lookup Service Host <in this case our VCenter may be the PSC>

Note: this step may fail if you have miss configuration in the time configuration make sure from the NTP in the VCenter and NSX Manager.

Accept the trust certificate popup, Click Yes

Click Edit in VCenter Server, configure the VCenter server with its credentials

Accept the trust certificate popup, Click Yes

Finally, will find the below connected in Green

Also, we can check the configuration and the connectivity from the VCenter Server web client. From the Menu we will find new item Network and Security

We will find in the main dashboard NSX Manager with Green status

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