Log in to the production Tenant and select the organization and under Compute select vApps and select New VAPP.

Write the name and click Create.

To add the VM from the VCenter template we will use the flash portal.

In Manage & Monitor tab select the organizations and select Production

choose the VAPP that created from the HTML portal.

Go to Virtual Machines tab in the datacenter VAPP and select import from vSphere icon.

Choose the VM need to be added from the vsphere templates and define the name of the VM inside the VAPP, select the storage policy and make a copy only from the VM. Click Ok.

Stand on the VM and click on the action icon (gear icon) and select Properties.

In guest OS Customization tab select Enable guest customization. Define all the required configuration and customization of the os and click OK.

We can repeate this task to add all the VMs required to be created in the same VAPP.

Create New VM

If we don’t need mutli teir VMs we can create a separate VM without VAPP.

Login to the tenant, select an organization datacenter and under Compute select Virtual Machines and click New VM.

Write the name and choose from template or new. Select the OS and the boot image and select the size . Click OK.