CREATE PROVIDER VDCS In vCloud Directory 9.7


Login to the vCloud portal using the flash portal. On the Home tab, click Create a Provider VDC in the Quick Start section.

Note: Provider VDC creation tasks can be done only from the Flash-based cloud portal. The new HTML5 provider portal does not support the creation of provider VDCs.

In the Name text box, enter Prod-PVDC. Leave the Enabled check box selected. Click Next.

On the Select Resource Pool page, the Vcenter in the the vCenter pane and select the resource pool need to be attached to the vdc. or you can select a cluster instead of a resource pool. Click Next.

On the Add Storage page, select the storage policy from the Storage Policy pane and click Add and Click Next.

You can add multiple storage policies to make multiple datastores available for the provider VDC.

On the Configure VXLAN Network Pool page, select Create a default VXLAN Network Pool. Click Next.

Select Hardware Version and Click Next.

Review the configuration and click Finish.


External network allows the workload from vCloud Director to reach the outside network (the Internet or any other domain).

In the Quick Start pane, click Create an external network.

Or from the Manage & Monitor Tab under the Cloud Resources in the left pan select External Network and click the green plus icon to create new external network.

On the Select vSphere Network page, select the vcenter in the vCenter pane, select the created vSphere network, click Add and click Next.

On the Configure External Network page, click Add and configure the subnet and static IP pool options.

Enter all the required details for the ip pool. click Add and click OK

Click Next

Enter the network name and click Next

Review and click Finish


On the Home page, click Create a new Organization in the Quick Start pane

Or from Manage & Monitor tab select Organizations click the green plus icon to create new organization.

In the Organization name text box, enter Production

For now, we will not use any Ldap (only local user)

Create new local user click Add

Enter all the details and click OK

Add all the users required and click Next

Under Sharing, select the Allow sharing catalogs to other organizations check box, Catalogs created for this organization are shareable (can be seen) by other organizations.

For Publishing, select the Allow publishing external catalogs and Allow subscribing to external catalogs check boxes.

Click Next.

Click Next

You can change the policies as your requirement and click Next

Review and click Finish

Create Using the vcloud director HTML 5 portal. select the provider and enter the credentials.

From the main menu select cloud resources and select Organizations. Click ADD.

Write the organization name and click Create.

Select the three dots beside the organization name and select Catalog

Define the setting of sharing and publishing and click Save.

Repeat again and select policies and define your requirement and click Save.

Ener the organization by clicking on the name. and from the main menu select administration

Under Access Control select users and click New. Fill the information and click Save.

Allocate Resources to Organization VDC

In Home In the Quick Start pane, click Allocate resources to an organization

Select the Organization and click Next

Select The VDC Provider and click Next

Select The allocation model and this to help in resource allocation and billing.

Configure the model as you see help you organization and click Next

Allocate the storage policy that already configured and click Add.

Check the Enable thin provisioning and enable fast provisioning (by creating a copy from the cloned vm on each datastore ), Click Next.

Select the network pool and click Next.

Leave the edge gateway will be created separately later. Click Next

Define the name and click Next.

Review and click Finish.