Add VCenter to the NSX-T Manager

Step by Step How to add VCenter to NSX-T manager

After importing the NSX Manager and after first login you should Accept the End User License Agreement

After Selecting “I understand and accept the terms of the license agreement” click Continue.

To Add NSX Manager nodes we need first to add VCenter to deploy the additional nodes in the cluster

From System Tab > Select Fabric from the left panel.

Select Compute Mangers under the Fabrics in the left panel. And Select + ADD

Add the required information to add the VCenter as a compute manager. And click Add.

Accept the VCenter certificate and Click Add.

When I add I found that the status was Not Registered. Due to this VCenter was added previously to different nsx-t manager.

From Action try to resolve you will find this warning. Click Resolve.

First you need to delete the VCenter from the previous nsx-t manager.

Write the credentials of the VCenter and click Resolve.

Finally, you will find the VCenter added as compute manger.

Select Nodes in the left panel under the fabric you will find the vcenter appear and all the clusters with the appeared in it to be ready to install NSX in later stage.